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20 Outstanding Books for Long Journeys: Your Perfect Travel Companions

20 Outstanding Books for Long Journeys: Your Perfect Travel Companions
20 Outstanding Books for Long Journeys: Your Perfect Travel Companions

Books are, of course, a great way to pass time on lengthy flights, train or bus travel, as well as a great resource for learning a great deal more about a destination than just being fantastic sources of inspiration for us to travel the world.

Christmas break will soon be here. Where do you plan to take your family? How many travel-related books have you read so far? If none at all, we have some fascinating novels that will educate you.

The following list of top new travel books for 2023 might help you satisfy your desire to travel or simply enjoy a fantastic journey through a book.

1. On the Road by Jack Kerouac

Jack and his companion Neal set off on an adventure and a search for knowledge that took them throughout the continent of North America. Be aware that because the novel is set in the distant past and revolves around the American “bohemian” lifestyle of the 1940s, there are occasional overt instances of bigotry and misogyny.

Nevertheless, despite being at times gloomy and reckless, this lovely book will enthral you with its captivating exploration scenes.

2. Mother, Nature by Jedidiah Jenkins

Get the upcoming book, Mother, Nature, by best-selling travel writer and To Shake the Sleeping Self author Jedidiah Jenkins. November 7, 2023 is the preorder date.

Her interpretation of a faith that sees Jedidiah’s sexual orientation as a sin had caused a rift between him and his mother, Barbara.

However, Jedidiah understood his mother wouldn’t be around forever when she became seventy.

The journey they had long discussed was now here, and they knew exactly what they would do: go back the thousands of miles Barbara and Jedidiah’s father had hiked in the 1970s.

The objective of this excursion was to reunite mother and son, while the initial voyage served as the inspiration for the best-selling “Walk Across America” trilogy.

3. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Given that this novel was made into a Hollywood film starring Julia Roberts, I’m sure you’ve already heard of it. I won’t tell you which side of this book you love or hate—many people have strong opinions about it!

You can still have fun reading this, though, as you follow someone’s awkward but ultimately successful quest for self-awareness.

4. The Bird Hotel by Joyce Maynard

Take a look at The Bird Hotel for a four-decade narrative with lovely aspects of magical realism.

Talented artist Irene finds herself in a small Central American community, checking into a gorgeous but dilapidated lakefront hotel at the foot of a volcano, following a tragic upbringing.

After years of renovation, the hotel, known as La Llorona, will serve as both Irene’s place of residence and place of employment in addition to providing a great deal of happiness and company.

5. Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

One of the best travel guides that will enthral you and make you wonder about India is this one!

Shantaram narrates the tale of Lin, a freed prisoner who fled to Bombay and established a clinic in a destitute area of the metropolis. As he attempts to find atonement, you will follow along with his experiences with love, friendship, betrayal, and poverty, among many other things. His description of India is my favourite since it brings back memories of my own travels there!

6. The Farthest Shore: Seeking Solitude and Nature on the Cape Wrath Trail in Winter by Alex Roddie

The tale of Alex Roddie, who spent the winter months in the Scottish Highlands, seeking peace, quiet, and untamed surroundings.

One of Scotland’s most picturesque hiking routes is the Cape Wrath Trail during the summer. during the winter? It’s a completely different animal.

Take a seat back and enjoy this unusual travel memoir, which tells the tale of Alex’s 300-mile solo walk through the harsh Scottish countryside.

7. The Last Ride of the Pony Express: My 2,000-Mile Horseback Journey Into the Old West by Will Grant

The captivating account of a 2,000-mile horseback ride across the American West.

This book is a great option if you’re searching for something different from the typical hiking memoir; it’s a remarkable exhibition of horsemanship, history, culture, and adventure.

Experience the once-in-a-lifetime journey of cowboy and journalist Will Grant as he tracks the route of the Pony Express, the frontier mail service that connected the isolated, parched, and high American West in the 1860s.

8. How to Be Alone : An 800-mile Hike on the Arizona Trail by Nicole Antoinette

The account of Nicole Antoinette, who set out to solo hike the entire 800 miles of the Arizona Trail—a feat she could never have imagined accomplishing.One of the greatest hiking autobiographies to read after reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed is How to Be Alone.

This brand-new travel book for 2023 tells the vivid, unvarnished, and honest tale of one woman’s quest to push herself to new limits and permanently overcome her codependency and people-pleasing tendencies.

A lush, love story about travelling to restart your life and discovering romance (as well as excellent Italian wine) along the way.

Lizzie Belford, a Shakespeare scholar recovering from a traumatic breakup and diagnosis, finds herself in a world of turmoil when she meets an intriguing chef while on vacation in Italy. This summer read from 2021 will capture your attention.

10. Happiness for Beginners by Katherine Center

This is a comfortable and inspiring read about the power of being lost, the comfort of wild areas, and how to pick yourself up after everything falls apart.

Helen Carpenter is 32 years old and just divorced. She is in dire need of a new beginning. In the backcountry of Wyoming, her brother suggests a wilderness survival training, and she hopes that’s exactly what it is, but it ends up being a catastrophe.

But as it happens, catastrophes can occasionally be the catalyst you need to find your courage, strength, and direction in life.

11. Brave the Wild River: The Untold Story of Two Women Who Mapped the Botany of the Grand Canyon by Melissa L. Sevigny

for… a colourful, undiscovered tale of botany, exploration, and fantasy in the Grand Canyon.

Reputably the world’s most dangerous river in 1938, the Colorado included towering cliffs, terrifying rapids, and boulders big enough to crush boats.

The possibility of being the first to investigate the Grand Canyon’s plant life, however, enticed two botanists: Elzada Clover and Lois Jotter.

In a stunning, never-before-told tale, this fantastic book chronicles their forty-three-day voyage.

12. Kinfolk Wilderness by John Burns

This is one of the most exquisite coffee table travel books to stoke your desire to explore.

Kinfolk is well-known for their exquisitely crafted books and magazines, and their newest offering for 2023 is the perfect gift for adventurous travellers.

13. In the Shadow of the Mountain : A Memoir of Courage by Silvia Vasquez-Lavado

For a gripping tale of adventure, tenacity, and conquering hardship on Everest, pick up a copy of In the Shadow of the Mountain.In private, Silvia was lost despite her success in the affluent, macho computer world of Silicon Valley. She battled alcoholism, repressed her childhood abuse, and concealed her sexuality from her family.

The risk, size, and sheer force of the mountains awakened her, and she responded by making the greatest ascent of all time—to the summit of Everest.

Silvia’s incredible tale of fortitude, endurance, and recovery is told alongside a group of young female survivors.

14. Africa is Not a Country  by Dipo Faloyin

For a vivid, perceptive, and personal picture of contemporary Africa, read Africa is Not a Country.

What is your knowledge of African history? (The curriculum at my English school, for some reason, didn’t seem eager to become specific.)

This 2022 travel guide provides a much-needed corrective to the ignorance (and damaging misconceptions) of an amazing continent in order to present a far more thorough narrative.

15. Windswept : Life, Nature and Deep Time in the Scottish Highlands by Annie Worsley

For an incredible tale of life on Scotland’s west coast both centuries ago and now, read Windswept.

Annie Worsley gives up a bustling academic life to manage a croft in the Highlands in this amazing book that is perfect for anyone who like Scotland’s untamed landscape.

Her book tells the amazing epic story of how glaciers carved Scotland’s valleys, how the early inhabitants found a way of existence, and what it means to live in such a harsh yet beautiful area today. It is organised according to the solar year.

16. Unforgettable Journeys Europe : Discover the Joys of Slow Travel by DK Eyewitness

Unforgettable Journeys: Slow down and see the world: Amazon.co.uk: DK Eyewitness: 9780241426166: Books

Unforgettable Journeys Europe is a beautiful travel book that highlights 150 of the most amazing trips that Europe has to offer and is meant to be taken gently.

I would travel slowly at all times, especially by rail, if I could. Iain and I experienced the trip of a lifetime a few years ago when we travelled through China, Mongolia, and Russia by rail on the Trans-Siberian Express. So what should we do next?

I adore this fascinating compilation of trips across Europe by foot, bicycle, car, train, and boat, from the snow-capped Alps to the vibrant fields of tulips blooming in the Netherlands.

 17. The Half-Known Life: Finding Paradise in a Divided World by Pico Iyer

Read The Half-Known Life for a captivating exploration of the various conceptions of paradise and the lessons they might provide on good living.

Pico Iyer challenges preconceived notions about what a travel book ought to be in this collection of excursions, many of which are introspective.

Explore the contradictions of paradise and consider what peaceful living means to you by reading this unusual travel book.

18. Solo: What Running Across Mountains Taught Me About Life by Jenny Tough

For an amazing tale of self-discovery while running alone across mountains on six countries, pick up Solo.

For a few years now, I’ve been a fan of Jenny Tough’s amazing experiences, and her time in the High Atlas mountains served as inspiration for my own trip to Morocco to summit Mount Toubkal.

You will have a renewed sense of wanderlust after reading this book, which is about adventure, independence, and having the guts to achieve bold objectives.

19. Leaving the Comfort Zone: The Adventure of a Lifetime by Olivier Van Herck and Zoë Agasi

Check out the wonderful hardcover book Leaving the Comfort Zone which would be an ideal coffee table book, about a couple’s once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Some of the most exquisite travel books are published by Gestalten, and our latest offering is no different.

Your wanderlust will be stoked after reading this book about freedom, adventure, and having the courage to achieve big goals.

20. A Cook’s Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines by Anthony Bourdain

When it comes to Anthony Bourdain’s work, you can never go wrong. Although he has a lot to say, this has to be among the best travel books available, satisfying your need for both wonderful (and unusual) food and travel in general!

After all, Anthony simply has a way with words that makes you want to grab your bags and head off. His style is honest, occasionally crude, but always captivating.





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