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5 Outstanding things Men Value More than Saying “I Love You”

5 Outstanding Things Men Value More Than Saying "I Love You"
5 Outstanding Things Men Value More Than Saying “I Love You”

It is said that men are logical beings while women are emotional beings, which makes the way they think differ from each other.  When you care for a girl and provide her with everything she needs, she believes you love her; meanwhile, men consider certain things listed below as a sign or proof of love.

5 Outstanding things Men Value More than Saying “I Love You”

1. Men See Love Has Respect:

“A man’s greatest desire is to be respected, but a woman’s greatest need is to be cared for.” In other words, for men, respect is the definition of love, and for the women, care is the definition of love. If you stop caring for a woman, she will believe you no longer love her; the same is applicable to men; if you don’t respect them, they will believe you don’t love them.

Respect is the most important aspect of love. In fact when a man experience this in any relationship he knows he is indeed loved. Respect can drive a man crazy, Respect can turn a stingy man to a giver, Respect can make a cheating man to a faithful partner. To cut it short, if you want to have your man at the tip of your fingers? then you must respect him.

What does respect really mean:


  • Respect his decision.
  • Respect his strength.
  • Be mindful of how you talk with him.
  • Show him respect in the public ie defend his misconduct and cover him up.
  • Correct his wrongs inside.
  • Respect his assumptions.
  • Be trustworthy and accountable.
  • Respect your differences and keep it in secret.

A healthy relationship is built on respect.

2. Men See Love Has Honesty:

When you are willing to go to any length with a man, you must know that you need to be honest with him in all you do, that’s shows you love him. When a lady introduce her man to every part of her life and is entirely open with him about everything and don’t hide anything, to the man, he has found true love. Because too many people do not stay faithful, falling in love has grown more difficult in our generation. Too many people claim to fall in love with someone but only few are ready to be faithful to their partner

3. Men See Love Has Total Submission:

Submission is a sign of strength, not weakness, and a higher level of submission demands a higher level of personal character strength.

A woman makes the decision to submit. Just as Christians must submit to church leadership, it is a God-given desire to please your spouse and submit to his authority.

Submissiveness is not fear, servility, or subjection; it is not obsequiousness; it is not demeaning; and it is not a sign of weakness.

I frequently hear women complain that being submissive no longer works in today’s age, or that the Bible was written thousands of years ago and the same ideas no longer apply. “It’s rubbish,” I say. While the division of labor in the home has varied dramatically through time and differs from family to family and marriage to marriage, the Bible and God remain constant. Men are still are the spiritual leaders and have authority in the home.

Submitting to your man Means:


  • You must serve him first.
  • Try as much as you can to make his home a haven i.e giving him peace etc.
  • Supporting his choices even if you do not agree.
  • Share your opinion, but respect his decision.
  • Obeying his spiritual guidance.
  • Having a heart of pleasing him.
  • Paying attention and obeying his voice at all times.
  • Avoiding what he hate.
  • Allowing him to protect you.

The bible speaking in 1 peter 3:1. “Likewise, wives, be subject to your own husbands, so that even if some do not obey the word, they may be won without a word by the conduct of their wives”.

It does not mean that women should remain silent and depend exclusively on their actions. The most important factor is how women use their words. True submission is shown in both words or actions. Women are to submit to their husbands in the same way as husbands are to God. Wives that are submissive aren’t doormats!

4. Always Being Available:

You can’t say you love a guy if you can’t constantly be there for him. They believe that love is sacrifice, and if you can’t sacrifice your time to be with your man all of the time, then love is not for you.

Being available means:

  • you respond immediately to any call or text you miss from him.
  • You are always there in his happy and sad moment.
  •  You accept invitations at the last minute.
  • You initiate contact in your free time.
  • you are always there when he needs a shoulder, when he celebrates his victories etc.
  • He trust you to be the person he calls during emergency.

5. Help him succeed:

You won’t be valued if you just stay there and don’t contribute to his life. Men admire women who are smart, intelligent, and capable of thinking of a better solution. Mr. Daniel Akpan once told a story at a relationship conference about a married man who was God fearing and committed in his marriage but suddenly lost interest in his wife due to her inability to contribute to his business ‘s development.


He went on to say that he had a serious rundown in his company and had no one to talk to for suggestions. He went to his wife for advice, but she ignored him and said she didn’t know what to say. This continued until one day he told the problem to a girl on social media, and the girl told her what to do, and it worked, so each time he has a problem he runs to the girl and she’s always there to give in her best.

How to Contribute to his success:


  • Expose him to books or platform that can help his carrier
  • bring new ideas,
  • support his little beginnings
  • bring p a positive solution to a problem
  • encourage his little effort etc.




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