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It may be difficult to convince your woman to forgive you, especially if you have seriously injured her and broken her trust. If you want to go back on her good side, you must express your sincere regret and make it obvious that this will not happen again. After that, you must be patient with her and allow her to accept your apologies. You can take things slow and concentrate on mending your connection if she’s ready to move forward.


1. Let Her Be

Women occasionally require their personal space to come around. If ou tried calling or talking to her and she’s not responding, she may probably be needing some time and space to process her anger. So give her that time and space, but make it clear that you are doing so. Even in her anger, she will respect your wisdom and will eventually come around.

2. Acknowledge the Problem

This means acknowledging her emotions. Women desire to be recognized. They enjoy having their hair and make-up noticed, as well as their thoughts and feelings, especially by their males. So, if you’re aware that she’s upset about something you’ve done or not done, acknowledge it and talk to her about it. You should definitely begin by apologizing if you’ve made a mistake and then calmly explain your side of the situation.

Think about the problem and how to fix. it’s useless trying to apologies  if you haven’t really thought about it; it’ll just lead to more disagreements that won’t help.

3. Take her out.

Take her out to a calm environment. If you’re living in a noisy place. They say the best way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach, but we all feel hungry at times.

4. Discuss the situation gently.

When we say “discuss,” we mean sit down and have a mature conversation about it. No shouting allowed. No banging doors, please.

You must be able to discuss it in regular tones or you will be unable to reconcile with your girlfriend. So, once you’ve calmed down to this point, speak to her.

5. Make a genuine apology to her.

If you want your girlfriend to forgive you, the first thing you should do is apologize as honestly as you can. This implies you’ll have to swallow your pride and go see her in person rather than texting her. Choose a location where you’ll have some privacy and a time when she’ll be willing to listen to you; if she’s too furious to talk to you, respect her and give her space until she’s ready to chat.

And I really mean it. This is extremely crucial! Even if you believe you were correct, apologize for the fighting and for saying something hurtful. Make it clear to her that you don’t want to argue any more than she does.

6. Make it clear that you are truly accountable for your acts.

“I’m sorry you feel I did something wrong…” or “I’m sorry you were so angry when…” are not appropriate responses. This type of conversation assigns blame to your girlfriend rather than you, making it appear as though the entire situation is her fault, even though you are the one who made a mistake. If you truly desire her forgiveness, avoid this type of conversation at all costs.

7. Make her to understand how much she means to you.

It’s crucial for your girlfriend to understand how much of an impact she’s made in your life when you apologize to her. Tell her how wonderful she is and how foolish you are for putting your relationship in jeopardy; remind her of some of your favorite qualities about her; and show her that you’re truly sorry for hurting her. While you don’t want to come across as desperate, you should make it plain that you care about her and don’t want to lose her.

8. Make a promise to her that it won’t happen again, and keep it.

If you truly want her to understand that you’re sorry and that you mean it, make it plain that whatever happened will never happen again. You can show her that you’ve thought about not doing it again and even give her a plan of action, whether you were cheating, went off the grid for a while, or called her names. This will show her that you’re serious about changing your habits and keeping her.

9. Tell her the truth.

You should be honest with your partner about what happened if you want her to truly forgive you. You don’t want to tell her part of the truth and then have her find out the rest later, unless you want her to become even more enraged. If you cheated on her, you don’t have to tell her everything, but you also shouldn’t try to minimize what happened. Honesty is the greatest policy if you ever want your girlfriend to trust you again.

10. Start making physical touch.

Make some physical contact after your feelings have simmered and you’re genuinely communicating. Place your hand on the small of her back or hold her hand. You can even give her a hug. Just don’t do it while the tension is still high.

11. Don’t give her any reasons to be jealous.

If you want your girlfriend to forgive you for being unfaithful to her, make sure she doesn’t have any reason to be concerned that you’ll do it again. You can talk to other girls when they’re around, but if you can avoid it, don’t openly flirt with them or look at them. When you get a phone call or a text, don’t move into another room or act suspicious when you answer it; instead, tell her it’s just your mother or a friend. Make every effort to show her that you only have eyes for her.

12. Pay attention to her.

Your girlfriend is likely to have something to say to you about what you’ve done, and it’s critical that you pay attention to what she has to say. Make eye contact, don’t interrupt or dispute her, and wait until she’s finished speaking before saying anything. Make it clear to her that you value her viewpoint and that she is important to you; when she’s through, let her know that you’ve carefully considered her comments as you speak.

13. Try to understand her point of view.

In debates, it’s easy to be self-centered. You have something to say, and if it isn’t heard, you will be doomed. However, you must take a step back and consider the issues as she describes them.

Understanding why she feels the way she does will help you in resolving the problem.

Consider how you’d feel if you were in her shoes. Consider how things would appear if you were in her shoes. This is an excellent method to understand how your actions can be completely interpreted depending on how they are perceived.

While you listen, ignore your own thoughts.

Allow her to speak out. She too wants to express herself. She has earned the right to express herself.

So, while she’s doing this, put your own views aside so you don’t keep putting her down in your head.

14. Tell her she is right.

I mean, this sounds like a simple one, but if you’ve given it some thinking and realized that you were the one who made the mistake, then say so. It is very OK to confess that you were mistaken.

15. Prove to her that you are willing to change.

If you need to take specific actions to avoid repeating what you did, you should tell her what you’re planning so she knows you’re serious about avoiding being a repeat offender. Look her in the eyes and tell her what you want to do to improve as a lover and a person. If you show her that you truly want to improve and will not revert to your old habits, she will be touched.

16. Prepare her dinner

You don’t want to add any more hangry to the mix if she’s already mad at you. Make a special effort, search up a new recipe, or prepare her favorite dish.

17. Patiently explain the nature of the problem to her.

She is still angry despite the fact that the argument is over. Instead of restarting the fight, gently speak with your partner. Consider the reason of the fight rather than the words spoken during it. Tell her your point of view and listen to what she has to say. Then you could try to find a solution and, if none exists, agree to disagree and go on.

18. Remember, this isn’t a competition.

It’s not about who wins or loses the debate; it’s about reaching a decision – preferably the correct one or a compromise that you’re both comfortable with, depending on the topic.

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19. If she isn’t ready to accept your apologies, give her some time.

Even if you’ve said your piece and done a convincing job of demonstrating how much you wish you hadn’t messed up, she’s not going to jump back into your arms. She might not be willing to accept your apology or even spend another moment with you. If this is the case, you must exercise patience and refrain from pressuring her to accept your apologies before she is ready. You’re the one who messed up, and the ball is now in her court.

  • Have some patience with her.
    You must accept her wishes if she does not want to hang out or even talk for a time. While you may want to check in on her now and again to see how she’s doing, you don’t want to bother her too much, or she’ll become even more unhappy.
  • Tell her you’ll be ready and waiting for her, and that you want to see her again soon. Allow her to see how sad you are and how badly you want to see her and make amends.

Getting Back into a Healthy Relationship

After successfully completing the above steps, you are now ready to begin the process of regaining her trust.

20. Hug Her Tight

Don’t worry if her ears are filled with smoke. This formula has been tried and true. When she’s furious, go give her a huge strong embrace. Either she’ll melt and give you a hug in return, or she’ll cool down.

21. Make Her Feel Special.

After all, you can buy her a diamond after every quarrel, but women want something more natural. As though it were a loving gesture. You may take her to her favorite restaurant or bake her something she will enjoy. Women remember gestures, so if you make one every time she’s upset, it’ll almost certainly outweigh the reason she’s upset in the first place!

22. Communicate openly.

You must commit to discussing honestly and listening to her as much as possible in order to establish a healthy relationship. Make time to talk to her about any problems in your relationship so that you both feel on the same page. Don’t keep your feelings bottled up within or become passive aggressive when you’re angry. Make an effort to pay attention to her and address her issues while also letting her know how you’re feeling. Any successful partnership requires effective communication.

23. Make her feel Loved.

You can make sure your girlfriend understands how much you care about her as your relationship becomes more steady. If you already say “I love you,” repeat it at least once a day; if you don’t, make sure you complement her and make her feel good about herself when you’re together. Tell her how delighted you are to be dating her and how much you enjoy being with her.

24. Where praise is due, give it to her.

What if you’ve given it some thinking and don’t believe she’s correct? So, even if it makes me unpopular, don’t tell her she’s right if she isn’t. However, the chances of her making no legitimate comments are small, so that’s a decent place to start.

25. Compliment her.

When it comes to flattery, a little goes a long way. It’s a good moment to start showering her with praise, as long as you don’t merely say nice things to try to end a conflict. We all know that the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “give her a compliment” is “tell her she’s gorgeous,” but if you spend a few more seconds to think about it, I guarantee you’ll come up with something better – and she’ll appreciate it.

26. Make yourself available.

You must be available when she tries to contact you in order to regain her trust. This doesn’t mean you have to drop everything to accomplish what she wants, but it does mean you should answer your phone as soon as possible when she calls or contacts you. Allow her to see that you have nothing to hide, and if you’re going to be away from your phone for an extended period of time, such as while seeing a long movie in the theater or at a baseball game, let her know so she doesn’t wonder why you’ve gone dark.

27. Find a new activity to do together.

While going back to your usual pattern may help your relationship feel more secure, you may also attempt to keep your relationship fresh by doing things that don’t remind her of the time you harmed her. You can try a new sport, take a class together, or even take a weekend trip to a campground or the beach. Don’t just do anything she asks to satisfy her; instead, strive to come up with something unique and exciting that both of you will enjoy.

28. Slowly resume doing the things you both enjoy.

While you attempt to earn her forgiveness, you and your girlfriend can resume doing the activities you used to like doing together, such as hiking, cooking, viewing all of the year’s Oscar nominees, or attending trivia night with your friends. You shouldn’t force it, but once you and her are both ready to resume some of your former habits, express your joy and gratitude that things are starting to return to normal.

29. Be dependable.

If you want to repair your relationship, you must be as dependable as possible. You must be there for your girlfriend and demonstrate that you will assist her if she requires a ride or a favor, show up for a date when you say you will, and be there for her if she is sad and requires counseling. If you want her to trust you again and feel safe with you, one of the most vital attributes of a good partner is dependability.

30. Don’t push yourself too much.

While it’s crucial to go out of your way to regain her trust, you don’t want to appear to be putting on an act or not being yourself. If everything you say or do makes it clear that you’re just attempting to get back into her good graces, she’ll think you’re not being honest with her. You can try hard to get her back, but don’t forget to stay true to yourself; after all, isn’t that who she started dating?




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