Steps to Prevent Your Laptop from Excessive heat

Steps to Prevent Your Laptop from Excessive heat

Laptops that overheat have been a problem for years. The reason is straightforward. Laptop makers have been attempting to reduce the size of their products.

To attain this goal, they must reduce the size of components such as the motherboard and hard drive. They must also bring all of these components closer together. Heat is generated by the microprocessor, motherboard, and hard drive. The heat is more concentrated the closer they are to each other. In such confined spaces, the fans incorporated inside laptops to cool these components are unable to function effectively. Add in the fact that heat is tough to escape, and you’ve got a recipe for overheating laptops. [source: Martin] When a computer overheats, it is more prone to fail.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind to keep your Apple laptop from overheating.

  1. When your laptop is in a bag, be sure it is turned off.
  2. Make sure the air vents are clean. Dust collects on the vents, clogging them and preventing them from functioning properly. You can even buy a little electric cleaner to clean the vents of dust.
  3. When your laptop is turned on, don’t set it on anything like a cushion. The soft cloth may clog airflow vents, particularly those at the back, causing the computer to overheat.
  4. When your laptop is in closed-lid mode, never put anything over the keyboard. The computer will most likely turn on and off repeatedly as a result of this. This may generate a lot of heat and deplete your battery.
  5. Allow your computer to cool down by turning it off overnight. Set it to go into standby mode when not in use if you use it intermittently throughout the day. This will save energy and lower the amount of heat generated by the laptop’s components.