Chrome Helps Resetting Hacked Passwords Easier

Chrome Helps Resetting Hacked Passwords Easier

Google Chrome has offered a means for users to quickly reset passwords that have been compromised as a result of data breaches.

Google wants to implement a new feature in Chrome 86 that would allow users to know and easily alter their stored credentials, such as usernames and passwords, when they are reported breached, presumably taking a cue from Apple. According to reports, Apple has been implementing this feature in Safari and iCloud Keychain since 2018.

According to a post on the Blink-Dev mailing list (Blink is the browser engine used by the Chromium project), Google intends to introduce a way for websites to declare change password pages, which will then be used to help users quickly navigate to change password pages to update their credentials in the event of a data breach. The specification for declaring a change password URL was created by Apple, and Google intends to use it.

“After a mass password check, Chrome will use this change password URL to let users easily change their weak / hacked passwords (Desktop, Android, iOS). On the Blink-dev mailing list, Ali Sarraf, a product manager at Google, wrote, “We want to ship this to 100% in M86.”

To know how it works, we must first study Google Chrome’s “Check passwords” functionality. When a browser detects that a password has been hacked as a result of a data breach, a “Change password” button appears. If a website has a change password URL defined, clicking on the “Change password” button will take you directly to that URL.