Scholarships for Medical Students in Health-Related Fields

Scholarships for Medical Students in Health-Related Fields


Application for Health Careers Scholarships for Medical Students is currently ongoing. Therefore, if you are a medical Student and also interested, apply below.

The IOKDS Health Careers Scholarship assists students pursuing careers in the health care industry. Students must be US or Canadian residents who are enrolled in a US or Canadian approved college. Contributing to the education of compassionate health care staff, we believe, helps IOKDS in its mission of “caring for all God’s children through service in His Name.”

Requirements for Health Careers Scholarships

Applicants must be medical or dental students (in human medicine) who have completed their first year of study at an approved medical or dental school. Students enrolled in pre-medical programs are not exempt.

Students who have completed a minimum of two years of study in a college or university approved in the fields of medicine, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, and medical technology are eligible to apply.

When such degrees are needed for qualification, priority is given to students working on their Master’s or Doctorate degrees.

Students pursuing an Associate’s Degree in nursing must have completed at least the first year of their studies at an approved college

A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Nursing requires two years of study.

Is it possible for me to gain a scholarship for more than one academic year?

Scholarship recipients are eligible for a maximum of three academic years of support. To be eligible, students must reapply each year and maintain good academic standing.

Application Process.

  • Email application requests to from November 1 to March 1 for scholarships beginning the following fall semester. The applications are not available for downloads.
  • Completed application forms, two letters of recommendation, an official transcript of applicant’s recent grades, a personal statement about plans for using your education, a current snapshot, and a self-addressed legal-sized sealed envelope must be sent as a packet by April 1st.

We depend heavily on your prayers and financial contributions to continue our scholarship ministry. Click here or call (716) 357-4951 for more information on making a tax-deductible charitable donation.