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12 Things Every Woman Should Do After Having Sex


Although it can be tempting to stay in bed after having sex and wallow in the honeymoon period until you fall asleep, there are some things every woman should do. If you don’t follow the right steps after sexual activity, you run the risk of developing unpleasant infections like urinary tract infections etc.

Below are 15 things you should do after having sex to maintain good health.

1. Shower to Rinse your Virgina

To avoid UTI, always wipe your hands from front to back, that implies taking a shower immediately to rinse the fluids from your virgina. We’re not telling you to do a douche (in fact, we never advise it! ), but use wet wipes made specifically for sensitive areas to clean the outside of your vagina.

2. Inspect the condom your partner used.


Practice safe sex at all times, whether you’ve just started dating someone new or have been with your partner for a while. If you suspect your partner has used a condom, make sure to check it for holes or cuts and dispose of it properly. If you’re not trying for a baby, checking the condom can also help prevent pregnancy horror.

3. Avoid wearing pants

Wear cotton underwear and loose-fitting pajamas to keep your privates dry after you’ve been thoroughly clean and fresh to prevent UTIs and other infections. You can also go commando for the best air circulation. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, at the very least, stay away from nylon underwear and form-fitting sleepwear, which can trap moisture and encourage bacterial growth.

4. Urinate immediately after having sex

Women who urinate after having sex are less likely to get urinary tract infections (UTI). David Kaufman, MD, a urologist in New York City, claims that when women urinate after having sex, they flush out any bacteria that may have entered their vaginas.

Due to its moist and warm environment, the vagina is the ideal environment for bacterial growth. For this reason, you must urinate within the duration of 30 minutes of having sex.

However, after-sex urination significantly reduces the likelihood of UTI in women. Kaufman advises drinking a lot of water right away following sex as well.

5. Drink Enough Water

Drinking water can encourage you to urinate more, which is a good habit to develop. By doing so, you’ll help your body flush out more bacteria and avoid getting sick. Additionally, after all the intensive activity, it is a good idea to hydrate yourself.

6. Confirm Discharge

Odd-colored discharge can be an indication of infection or bleeding, so check immediately after sex and monitor your vaginal discharge immediately.

7. Wash Your Hands.

If you are in a hurry to move out after having sex and taking a shower can delay, then You should wash your hands with soap and water if you touched your partner’s or your own genitalia to get rid of any bacteria you might have picked up.

8. Disinfect Your Sex Toys

If used sex toys are not cleaned thoroughly, they risk spreading infections and STDs. Toys of different types require different cleaning techniques, so be sure to check the packaging for cleaning instructions. A good rule of thumb is to wipe the toy with hot water and liquid antibacterial soap after removing it from the box.

9. Take note of your discomfort while having sex.

For woman, sex can occasionally be painful or uncomfortable. It is crucial that you note when this occurs as result. For variety of causes, women can experience pain during sex. Vaginal dryness is the main cause. Similar to how deep penetration can make sex painful, especially if your partner isn’t hard enough, constipation or muscle spasm can also be to blame. It is best to see doctor if you experience discomfort during sex on regular basis.

10. Cuddle up.

“The love hormone,” also referred to as oxytocin scientifically, is released each time you have sex with a partner. In that case, Pillow talk with a little closeness to your partner is so satisfying. According to psychotherapist and sex therapist Chamin Ajjan, “this hormone nurtures a sense of closeness.” “Discussing things with your partner after sex is a great way to bond and increase intimacy. You can discuss anything important to you, including your hopes and dreams, activities you would like to do with your partner, and other issues.

11. Get yourself some fruits or food.

Due to the fact that having sex burns calories and increases heart rate, it’s not uncommon to feel hungry afterward. After, have a snack like pumpkin seeds or green tea, Rodgers advised. Alternatively, you could try one of these energy giving foods.

Ajjan suggested that you might also think about making an omelette or another easy-yet-delicious meal together. It’s a great way to keep the relationship strong and practice better teamwork and communication.

12. Complement each other.

It’s extremely important to express what you liked to your partner in order to get the most out of upcoming sexual encounters.

According to Karla Ivankovich, couples therapist and clinical counselor at OnePatient Global Health, oxytocin levels are still high right after sex. Sharing your favorite parts of your physical or emotional intimacy with one another is a great way to maintain your bonds.

Even if you didn’t experience pleasure, talking and sharing feelings with one another enables “everyone’s needs to be met,” according to Ivankovich.




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