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10 Smart Ways To Manipulate Your Man Into Doing What You Want

10 Smart Ways To Manipulate Your Man Into Doing What You Want

No more yelling if you want to get what you want from your guy. Stop fighting, arguing, yelling, crying, and talking back. Seriously, knowing how to give a man some of that sweet old-fashioned charm that only a woman can give is all it takes to get him to do what you want.

It’s really not that difficult, from complimenting him to leaning in for a long kiss right before you ask him to get something for you.

Here are some clue: 

1. Compliments are perfect ways to brighten a man up

“I do make sure i brighten up my man very well before I ask him for anything; so it doesn’t look too apparent, I’ll start much earlier in the day and just make him feel very good about himself; then, when he’s all brightened up I’ll tell him I”ll be going to spending the weekend with my friends.” How can a guy be angry with a girl who has just spent the whole day giving him exactly what he wants?”

2. Give him a gift he’ll appreciate.

“Because my boyfriend likes surprises (even though he’d never accept it), I still planned ahead. If I want him to join me and my friends on an outing, or if I want him to help me wash the dishes, I make sure to bring something he’ll really enjoy — or something he’s been possibly looking at. There is no disputes, no huffing and puffing, only a pleasant surprise, and he accepts it.

3. Put on your Baby face expression.

A man’s heart is still melted by puppy dog eyes and a sad look. Pull out your encoding and decoding lower lip and cover your watery eyes, and your man’s credit card will be pulled out to cheer you up before you know it. With big eyes and a pout, stare at him. This method almost never fails. Either the man’s heart softens or he feels so bad that he’ll go to any length to get you to stop. Puppy dog eyes, it should be noted, do not operate on men with a strong looking face, as they have most likely been subjected to sad faces as a child.

4. Let him believe it was his idea.

“When my spouse and I first began dating, my mother educated me in on a little secret.” She said that deceiving him into believing it was his idea was the best way to get through something. You have to be sneaky, because if I want him to do something, I make sure he believes he developed it — even if he doesn’t. The fact that I’m acknowledging (and making him believe he’s won) is the most efficient way for me to get through it.

5. Prepare his favorite meal.

A well-prepared, home-cooked meal has enormous strength. There’s a reason why the old saying “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is true. If you feed your man well, he would be more willing to purchase anything for you. You’ll have to point out what you want when he’s enjoying his delicious meal. Don’t go overboard. Don’t be too blunt about it. For instance, say something like, “I saw this cute dress online, let’s go to the shopping center after you finish eating so I can test it on.” Don’t forget to use your puppy dog eyes. His still-full stomach will remind him that you were his breadwinner, and he’ll be more willing to buy you what you want.

6. Take a deep breath and move in for a deep kiss.

“There’s nothing sweet and tangy than a deep kiss before asking for anything; it’s a way of saying, ‘Bea, I need something from you, but I’m not going to beat you for it,’ and who doesn’t love a wet, passionate kiss eh?”

7. No matter the circumstances, stay peaceful and patient.

Don’t get upset if he doesn’t get you everything you want. Let him know you’re aware of his situation and that you really care for him. He’ll recall to pull out his credit card when the time comes. If you wait for him to buy you something special, he will surprise you with it, making the gift even more exceptional.

8. Just ask.

You’d be shocked by how much you can do simply by asking. Men despise saying “no.” When a man says “no,” he is implying that he is incapable of pleasing you. Use this to your advantage and simply ask for what you want. Men are biologically programmed to be “providers.” It’s a variation on the alpha-male theme. You’d be shocked how much simply asking gets you what you want. But approach him with caution.  You’ll only be able to use this strategy a few times before you come across as desperate. Later on, I’ll go into more detail about that.

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9. Leave clues for him.

Guys like getting points for being detectives, so give them clues about your preferences. Try to “forget” to close a platform that sells the perfume or shirt you’re looking for. Try dog-earing or circling similar magazine pictures. The majority of men will leap at the opportunity to play Sherlock Holmes. If they “discover” something, men are hardwired to act. Even though this is a time-consuming strategy, it is extremely effective Be sure to compliment him on “discovering” what you want.

10. Don’t overdo it.

Be fair in your needs and wishes. You’ll not only irritate yourself, but also your guy, if you keep asking for stuff that would break his budget. That means that no matter how many rats you pull out of your hat, the $50,000 Tiffany’s tennis bracelet might be out of the question. If you keep bringing up impossibly expensive products, it will be pointless. Set ambitious goals for yourself, and your guy, you’ll have a far better chance of succeeding.

Best of luck, and find comfort in your abilities. The use of these strategies will pay off in the long run if you have a little patience and discipline.




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